Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Old Service Desk...

now painted black

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


looks like the new flooring will begin next week!

the paint goes down

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taking up the floor

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

back to work!

Stephen and Rachel work on getting course reserves ready for the spring

Presidential Sighting?

Did anyone notice a handyman wearing a blue cap and a red bandana today? Neither did I, but while reviewing the photos I took of Bill, Delores, Sherry and Kay, I noticed this mysterious worker in one of the pictures.

Is that Former President Jimmy Carter or
a look alike? You decide.

taking it all in

the changes were fast and furious today and lots of people found themselves staring in amazement!


student worker Jessica contemplates the new surroundings?

painters start the "new look"

pulling the rug out from under us

the flooring folks remove all the old carpet

getting busy

electricians finish
service desk

Monday, December 19, 2005

a random quote

i saw this quote on another blog (referring to the library at Siam University), but i thought it sounded like something our own library clients will be saying when we complete the renovation!

"i like to go to library everyday because i feel
quite comfortable with the good facilities"

a most (in)significant journey

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the last carrels to escape the demolition crew travels to the far ends of the 3rd floor to join it's brothers and sisters.

don't try this at home

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crouch staffers take a surfing break from rigorous moving

the lonely service desk

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the service desk is cleared and dismantled so it can be moved for flooring work

goodbye carrels, pt. 1

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the last hurrah for the old listening carrels

goodbye carrels, pt. 2

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goodbye carrels, pt. 3

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CD-R Pizza for Carry-Out ONLY!

This "CD-R Pizza" was discovered beneath an old CD player while we were emptying the study carrels prior to demolition. Check out the generous toppings of dust, hair and dried mystery fluid. The golf pencil (embedded in the brown, cheese-like substance) makes this one a Supreme CD-R Pizza--an unusual find.

how do you like our new service desk?

Brenda test drives our new "service desk." our real one is being dismantled and moved so the new flooring can go down.

monday clearing

an army of movers, haulers, and shakers came in today and cleared the floor in preparation for the painters and floorers (is that a word?). painters begin tomorrow and the existing flooring (what's left of it!) should come out this week.