Thursday, January 12, 2006

room with a view

the new location for the reference collection and a view across the center from the reference collection

the new listening/viewing stations

view of the new stations before the equipment goes in

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Amazing! The new listening and viewing carrels are here and fully assembled. I should say that the word "carrel" fails to capture the essence of our new furniture. These are high-tech, generously ergonomic, fully customizable media stations.

[Pictured First] It looks like Sha is caning one of the Herman Miller technicians for making a mistake, but actually he's hacking a pathway through the thick aura of excitement so the crew can get out.
[Pictured Second] When the final piece went into place, everyone spontaneously started "carreling" (it's sort of like Christmas caroling only there's no singing involved). Actually, carreling is that moment of togetherness when everyone pauses to admire cool new furniture and a job well done.

the amazing transformation

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

ready or not, here we come

classes started monday and while we weren't completely finished with the renovation, at least the floor was done and the paint was dry! we finished moving the last of about 30,000 LPs monday morning and finished moving back in the reference collection this morning.

as clients made their first journey in the fine arts library this semester, we've had lots of "ooooo"s and "ahhhh"s (and also some folks that look confused, as if they'd gotten off the elevator on the wrong floor by mistake).

there are a couple significant changes still to happen in the renovation:

tomorrow morning, the furniture for the new listening/viewing stations will be installed. the Herman Miller "pods" will be a striking addition to the space and we're anxious for our clients to break them in (well not BREAK them!). currently the "pod space" is a big open floor with a cool pattern in the tile. so far, most people think we've installed a dance floor (disco, ballroom, and contra dance clubs are lining up at the door as i type this!).

the new pods will provide really cool, open, inviting space to listen/view/study. the pods will be state-of-the-art and offer sound masking technology (so that noisy person in the next pod won't distract you!). the pods will provide equipment to listen or view any of the media formats housed in the crouch library: CD, DVD, video cassette, laserdisc, LP, audio cassette (sorry, no 8-tracks, wax cylinders, or wire recordings in our collections!). the stations will provide great workspace for materials and score study and great new seating. if you want to impress your friends, let them see you studying here!! :-)

the other significant change wasn't part of the original plan, but a late-breaking result of pooling the brain trust and striving to provide a variety of library spaces for our clients (students, faculty, staff, community members, guests).

a once under-utilized room that has served as, among other things, an accidental storage facility for obsolete equipment, random shelving parts, broken furniture, etc. (think Land of Misfit Toys), is now becoming an inviting space for indepent and/or group study. perfect for taking a break from an afternoon of nonstop Wagner opera listening, or to exchange ideas about Baroque musical ideals with classmates, you won't want to miss this great addition to the library. (though don't start lining up for the tour...this component won't be completed for several more weeks).